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Houston lead photographer of Priceless Photos Caston Richard is a portrait and lifestyle photographer who adapted a love in 2003 for being behind the camera lens. His wife believed in his passion and purchased his first camera. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a profession.

In the months to come Caston was award a $1500 prize for winning a calendar contest.  In 2007 he took a leap of faith and launched a successful photography business. That’s when his eye of creativity began to truly blossom. Wherefore his desire is to provide you with an enjoyable experience that has never been done before in your photographic world.

Priceless Photos unique blend of style developed from a range of experiences shooting models, individuals, artists and events using creative photographic techniques that produce premium image photos
Priceless Photos commission is to capture a photographic story with each click. And to also allow you to see each event unfold through each uniquely taken portrait. Our goal is to sympathize your photography needs and build on a knowledgeable level to deliver exactly what you envisioned. If not more than what you ever imagined.

Thank you for your interest in Priceless Photos!

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